Legacy of 1804 | Brian Cunningham | Candidate for City Council | Flatbush, BK #lof1804

Host: Alice 

Guests: Brian Cunningham, Candice Fortin 

Topics: Why Brian is running against Mathieu Eugene | Main issues in his campaign | The Haitian-American progressives backing his campaign | Brian on issues that matter to Haitians

The 40th council district in Brooklyn covers heavily Haitian and West Indian neighborhoods of Flatbush, East Flatbush, Crown Heights and Prospect Lefferts Gardens, among others

When: 10 PM this Friday (Not 9!) 

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We discussed Brian's progressive vision in contrast to Mathieu Eugène's track record over the past 10 years and the many missed opportunities for the 40th council district during those years. We also talked about how Brian plans to solve the affordable housing crisis plaguing Brooklyn: not taking campaign funds from real estate developers unlike his opponent and developing more city-owned affordable housing. Brian also discussed his immigrant background and the many years that his mother spent undocumented, identifying ice raids as a major challenge for his district.

If Brian wins on Tuesday, which we hope he does, it will be a major upset for politics as usual in NYC local races. A lifelong Democrat, he is running on the Reform Party line against Democratic Party incumbent Mathieu Eugene to whom he lost the Democratic Primary by a thin margin.

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