Legacy of 1804 | Daniella Bien-Aime | Recent Haiti Trip #LOF1804

Host: Alice

Guest: Daniella Bien-Aime of The Bien-Aime Post

When: 9PM This Friday (tonight)

Topic: Her recent Haiti Trip

Places to listen: Player below or at kiskeacity.com  | Phone: 714-242-6119 | BlogTalkRadio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pancaribbean/2017/09/23/legacy-of-1804-daniella-bien-aim-haiti-trip-lof1804

Post-show highlights

Daniella Bien-Aime and I discussed her recent trip to Haiti including contrasts between Port-au-Prince and the countryside, contrasts between rich gated communities and poor neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince,  transportation issues, small business.

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