Legacy of 1804 | Haiti News & Blog Review | Race and Class in Haiti, 3 Deaths #LOF1804

 Time: 9PM-11PM

Tentative Topics: Class in Haiti with Pascal Robert |  Jean Refuse remembers the late Claude Pierre, member of Akademi Kreyol Ayisyen (Haitian Creole Academy)

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In the first segment we heard Pascal Robert discuss color and class in Haiti, the grandon, creole v. African-born blacks during the Haitian revolution, what distinguishes Black nationalism in the US from Haitian or Nigerian nationalism.

Then we heard a clip I recorded at an event commemorating the lives of the late Claude Pierre, Serge Legagneur and Jean- Claude Fignolé, all of whom died in the past 2 months. In the clip Jean Refuse remembers Claude Pierre and his activism on behalf of Akademi Kreyòl Ayisyen. 

 Lastly, we went over the latest Miami Herald article on cholera victims in Haiti demanding compensation from the UN.

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