Legacy of 1804 with Joseph Harold Pierre #stopapartheidRepDom #Haiti

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Join me for this year's third installment of LOF1804 on the Haiti-DR crisis. We will speak to Joseph Harold Pierre, an economics professor based in the Dominican Republic. We may also be joined by other guests who are working on the issue of the denationalization of Dominicans of Haitian ancestry.

 Joseph Harold Pierre is an economics researcher at the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Finance and and economics professor at Pucamaima University in Santo Domingo.


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Our guest Joseph Harold Pierre attempted to call us from the DR as scheduled last night but was not able to get through. We will reschedule his appearance. I discussed the following two articles instead:

Yo También Soy Haití; I Too Am Haiti | La Galería Magazine http://www.lagaleriamag.com/yo-tambien-soy-haiti-i-too-am-haiti/

Dominican Nurse Fired for Haitian Parents Shows Expulsion Threat http://bloom.bg/1C6oryq via @business

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