Legacy of 1804 with Dr. Fabienne Doucet #LangKreyòl #LOF1804

Join me tonight as I welcome Dr. Fabienne Doucet to discuss Selebrasyon Lang Kreyòl ak Kilti Ayisyen, a symposium at Brooklyn college on October 24-25. Listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blackwholeradio/2014/10/18/legacy-of-1804-with-dr-fabienne-doucet-kreyl-lof1804 of at 323-927-2913.

Dr. Doucet is a professor of Education at NYU. Find out more about her scholarship here: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/faculty_bios/view/Fabienne_Doucet

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We had tons of fun discussing Lang Kreyòl Nou with Dr. Doucet in English and of course Kreyòl. We discussed the Akademi Kreyòl as well as the appointment of Haitians to Francophonia Institutions such as the Académie Française. We also discussed the importance of orality and of repertorying Haitian oral traditions such as sacred and folks songs in teaching Kreyòl. I posted various Kreyòl learning resources offered by Haitians on my Twitter feed at #lof1804, including resources for children for those in the NY area.

There was a rich Q&A so thanks to Hans Roy and Katleen Félix for their engagement!

Dr. Doucet was with us for an hour and in the second hour, Hans and Katleen offered great updates and compared notes on topics as varied as Katleen's Diaspora Investment Survey, this week's news including the unfortunate renewal of MINUSTAH, upcoming events such as a livestream with survey results which Katleen is preparing in Chicago and the HCX Ann Pale with Manbo Dowoti coming up this week. An all around great show and meeting of the minds!

Depending on where you live, hope to see you at the various Selebrasyon Lang Kreyòl taking place in NY and Massachussets next weekend! Kreyòl Pale, Kreyòl Konprann!

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