Legacy of 1804 with Dayanne Danier #Haiti

Join me tonight at 9PM EA as I welcome fashion designer Dayanne Danier of Fleur de Vie and Bien Abyé. Fleur de Vie takes place every fall and brings diaspora volunteers to Haiti for a back to school event. Bien Abyé is Dayanne's fashion line.

Listen LIVE at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blackwholeradio/2014/08/30/legacy-of-1804-with-dayanne-danier-haiti or 323-927-2913.


We discussed ways for the diaspora to creatively fund their initiatives in Haiti, without  "international" or foundation funding. Dayanne happens to be mostly funded by Haiti-based businesses. "The concept of Haitians helping Haitians is often overlooked but I don't think Fleur de Vie would have been possible without the help of Haitian companies," said Dayanne.   Katleen Felix from Haitian Hometown Associations Ressource Group (HHTARG) called in and was enthusiastic about this Haitian funded Haitian diaspora initiative. (Check my twitter feed @kiskeacity for Katleen's chime ins during the show.)

To sign up for Fleur de Vie which takes place in late September of this year, visit www.fleurdevieonline.com.

To browse Dayanne's fashion collection Bien Abyé visit http://www.dayannedanier.com/#!/HOME. Note this lovely scarf she has designed proceeds of which go to Fleur de Vie:  http://ht.ly/ASPv0.

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