Legacy of 1804 with Chef David Destinoble #Haiti #Brouhaha

Join me tonight at 9PM EA as I welcome Haiti-based Chef David Destinoble, the star of this Saturday's Matinée Brouhaha! at La Caye in Brooklyn, NY.

 Originally from St. Marc, Haiti, Chef David moved to Florida at a young age. He later studied Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University, where he learned the fundamentals and developed his own unique style and flair. He worked his way up the ranks at some of Miami’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels, such as Chez Danielle, La Belle Auberge, and The Hilton. Chef David has now moved back to Haiti where he is a private chef. He has represented Haiti in Australia, Ireland, St. Thomas and many countries around the globe and has cooked for the likes of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He is the Founding Member and Vice President of The Haitian Culinary Alliance USA, a non-profit organization which promotes Haitian culture and gastronomy, while bringing to the forefront the many talented Chefs of Haitian and Caribbean descent.

Tickets to Matinée Brouhaha! which takes place tomorrow Saturday 7/26 from 2 to 6PM can be purchased at www.lacayebk.com.

Matinée Brouhaha!  is a four course, three wine pairing feast designed by Chef Davidson D. Destinoble. The meal which will be offered on Saturday July 26 from 2-6PM  will be preceded by a 45 minute wine and hors d’oeuvres tasting. The word BROUHAHA though French  is believed to come from the hebrew "barúkh habá" meaning “welcome” --  literally “blessed is he who comes”. Menu items such as Salade Frisée avec Vinaigrette Anse-à-Veau au Miel and Acra d’Écrevisse de St Marc au Chutney de Mangue reflect Chef David’s origins in the Haitian seaside town of St-Marc and his professional skills in modern cooking trends. Chef David’s culinary philosophy and vision fall in line with  the growing trend towards a healthier and more down-to-earth lifestyle. His preference is to allow the natural flavor of food to express itself.

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