Legacy of 1804 on Maurice Bishop and Grenada Revolution #lof1804 #forwardever

Join me and Michelle Materre, founder of Creatively Speaking Film Series and host of Creativey Speaking on the Air tonight June 20th at 9PM as we welcome Bruce Paddington, maker of the documentary Forward Ever. The film investigates the Grenadian revolution of 1979 which culminated in the killing of Maurice Bishop and several of his colleagues in 1983. (Bruce is with us for the first half hour.)

We are then joined by Trinidadian-American trade unionist Roger Toussaint and cultural activist Martin Felix who came of age in Grenada during the revolution, to explore aspects of this oft neglected chapter of Caribbean history. How was this movement for self-determination launched in the pre-social media era? Why did Reagan take exception to the building of an international airport in Grenada? Did US involvement start at the post-killing invasion or was the Grenadian movement for self-determination infiltrated and destabilized?

Originally aired on Creatively Speaking On the Air June 18, 2014. There will be no live Q and A tonight.

Forward Ever will be screening FREE Friday June 20 at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn at 6PM and again at 4PM Saturday June 21 at Maisles Theater in Harlem. Purchase tickets for Harlem screening this Saturday here: http://maysles.org/mdc/forward-ever-the-killing-of-a-revolution/.

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