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In the cacophony of corporate media, international agency and NGO actors who monopolize the news cycle on Haiti, HAITIANS NEED TO HEAR EACH OTHER AND THEMSELVES.

"Usually created by highly educated individuals residing in the USA or Europe, a number of African and Caribbean blogs have surfaced on the Internet. As illustrated by Alice Backer's kiskeácity, these blogs function as “virtual embassies” of the nation, providing critical information on politics, society, and culture. They also serve as a rallying force for the Diaspora, informing them about local events such as concerts, film festivals, or community functions celebrating an event or holiday from their native land. Last but not least, they promote economic development by informing the Diaspora and any virtual visitors about possibilities in their respective homeland."

A “New” Black Nationalism in the USA and France by Dr. Felix Germain http://ht.ly/pPlhe JOURNAL OF AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES, Volume 17, Number 3, September 2013

Last August marked eight years since this blog was founded in 2005.  Since then, I have scoured the web in search of all that Haitians have to say online culminating into the  FREE daily newsletter which I started two years ago and now 8 episodes of many more to come of  the weekly Legacy of 1804 live podcast radio show.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Here are the metrics to date:

  • 16,190 Tweets
  • 7,604 Followers on Twitter
  • 2,000 plus Followers on Facebook
  • 388 posts on this blog
  • One Black Celebration Award in the Culture Category (Thank you Black Street and Judith Jacques!)
  • One presentation on Haitian bloggers at the Haitian Studies Association Conference
  • One presentation on Haitian bloggers at the Haiti Cultural Exchange Diaspora In Dialogue Conference
  • Over two hundred feeds by Haitians aggregated 
  • One appearance on the Melissa Harris Perry Show on MSNBC to echo your sentiments on the UN's handling of cholera in our beloved Haiti


I have amplified Haitian voices since 2005 and I have done so free to the public so far. I want to continue to do so but in exchange for some goodies that you can use as gifts for your friends, I am asking you to invest in the future of this endeavour.


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