Tune into *Legacy Of 1804* This Friday Oct. 4 at 9PM!

Katia D. Ulysse

Don't forget to join me for ☼Legacy of 1804☼ on Black Whole Radio on Friday, October 4 at 9PM Eastern as I interview Katia D. Ulysse from the blog Voices from Haiti on her new book Drifting and take your calls.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blackwholeradio/2013/10/05/legacy-of-1804-with-katia-ulysse-lof1804

Nan Vandredi ki 4 Oktòb koute mwen nan Black Whole Radio a nevè nan aswè. Envite mwen se pral Katia Ulysse ki pral pale nou de nouvo liv li Drifting.

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