Code for Dealing with Requests to Donate Money "for Haiti"

There is now plenty of evidence that the most effective number of western NGOs in Haiti are not helping Haiti at all. (See the film Fatal Assistance by Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck if you have not already.) Would you like to avoid being used towards the raising of funds for non-constructive activities by the WSIC in the area of the world of your origin? Avoid donating your hard earned money to any entities with sexy yet empty names concocting savily branded fundraisers towards vague/non-constructive goals.

Here are some examples of questions to ask members of the WSIC when they ask you to donate money towards their activities in Haiti. (You can also ask  these questions to Haitians or afro-descendants who ask you to donate in the name of  western NGOs or entities that they do not run, control and fund, especially the larger ones.) In order to increase the chance of receiving truthful answers, remember to remain calm and polite when asking your questions.


Are you raising funds to provide Haitians a service or a good? Have you asked any Haitians who do not work for you whether they need your help towards the service/good for which you are fundraising? Have you asked Haitians who do not work for you how much of that service or good they will need and the specific form in which they would like to receive that service or good?

Since you are using the word Haiti in your fundraising drive, will  Haitians ultimately benefit  the most from the fundraising and in a way that they have deemed constructive?

Is there an NGO involved in/behind your fundraising drive? If so what is/are the name of the NGO(s)? What governments if any does that NGO receive funding/support from or work in close collaboration with?

What percentage of the money raised will go to "overhead" or to activities not linked to relief determined necessary by Haitians?

What percentage of the money raised will empower one or more Haitians to improve his/her/their life (lives) in a way that they have determined is the most constructive for them? 

Will the funds raised help to further JUSTICE in Haiti? 

Will the funds raised help to further INJUSTICE in Haiti?

What does (fill in the requesting entity's name or the fundraiser's name) mean? How does your entity accomplish what its name promises? How does your fundraiser's name accomplish what it promises?

What is the relationship of your entity to MINUSTAH?

How does your entity collaborate with MINUSTAH?

What is your entity's position on MINUSTAH remaining in Haiti indefinitely?


Wait until your questions have been answered to decide whether donating is the most constructive use of your resources. Use this code also to deal with entities that ask you to donate time/energy.

Please react in the comments section as I would like your constructive help in enriching this code.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps 'What is your motivation/why has your organisation decided to work in Haiti?'

Alice B. said...

Good addition!

Hugues Girard said...

I like the 2nd part of the question better. The word MOTIVATION will turn on the BS gene...