Africa: Mali and CAR Demystified in 4 Paragraphs

"The insurgents have the most modern weaponry. They seized the weapons when France and its NATO allies destroyed Muammar al-Quathafi's government in Libya, freeing up large arsenal of arms to any armed militia that could carry them away. So France is trying to clean up a mess it helped create.

Even if the insurgents are pushed back, France and its NATO allies may not be in a position for long-term commitment to Mali's security -- at some point France will withdraw, especially if the conflict starts affecting Hollande's political fortunes back home.

France is not committing armed forces in Mali out of the goodness of President Francois Hollande's heart. Mali will have to pay, probably with resource concessions -- the leadership will also become even more beholden to France for years to come. Empire never works for free.

There are many hidden hands fueling the conflict in Mali. Two years ago the United States sent Rangers supposedly to hunt for Joseph Kony, the Lord's Resistance Army leader.  Why no update on this hunt? What have the U.S. forces been doing as the Seleca rebels marched towards Bangui?"

 Source: Africa: The Empire Strikes Again http://ht.ly/gSRc4 Black Star News

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Anonymous said...

All correct but what about the other colonial power; 'islam'? countries are falling like dominoes to islamist rebel extremists. Mali is but one in a long list of countries fallen under the sway of islamic sharia: Algeria, Lebannon, Somalia, , even Nigeria and Kenya are feeling the pressure.

O the irony; it was Muslim merchants who sold slaves for hundreds of years. Now they are back? under the guise of justice? When countries become islamic, the women are persecuted and do the poor benefit? show the facts pls

Alice B. said...

That may be a question better asked of France and NATO who supported a rebellion that involved Al-Qaeda in Lybia. SOURCE: NATO: Signs of Qaeda presence in Libyan rebels - CBS News http://ht.ly/gURDu

Anonymous said...


Yes there is paradox isnt there? May explain why the NATO and west doesnt intervene against Assad in Syria, because he is doing the job of holding back AlQueda rebels in Syria. Now it seems if West supports democracy, they open the door to a Muslim party and sharia as in Egypt.

True objectivity is what is missing nowdays. Few journalists explain to the public 'what is really going on' without falling into the trap of simplistic demagogic conspiracy myths. But one need look only at the Bush years to see most were right. The West 'branding' islam spread as 'terror' may have been a mistake. The IC intervention in Lybia was also a big mistake. but if hadnt they would be seen as supporting a dictatorship. In chess that's called a fork.