HAITI: Nov. 18, 1803: Haitians say NO to slavery


"Martelly, de son côté est allé faire de la figuration en Espagne, le pays de naissance de Hernan Cortès, génocidaire des Indiens mais néanmoins modèle de Martelly, de même que Duvalier, Pinochet, Michel François ...
Il paraît que la figuration a donné des résultats puisque le président rose a obtenu un rôle, celui d'accompagnateur du chanteur Julio Iglesias en RD."

-  Le Monde du Sud/ Elsie News, "18 novembre 1803,Haïti chasse les Français/18 novembre 2012 Martelly, président du pays, se balade en Espagne"

According to defend.ht, Pdt Martelly would be the first president in Haitian History to miss the festivities of commemoration of Vertières.

But this is not surprising as it appears Martelly is none other than a spokesmodel for the UN and other foreign agencies currently holding the Haitian state and nation hostage. If you don't believe me, hopefully you will believe a UN official who recently admitted as much to The Nation:

A spokesman for one of the largest UN organizations in the country offered a stunningly blunt portrait of this dynamic. Asked whether the government of Haiti has ever told him what to spend donor money on, the spokesman, who insisted on remaining anonymous, said: “Never. They are not in the position, because they are financially dependent. Recently, there was a government press conference. There was nothing ‘government’ about it; we organized it and told them what to say.” He chuckled, then added: “Very sad, really.”
Would it be a coincidence then that national Haitian monuments, including the Vertières monument in the North are constantly being desacralized? Vertières monument found painted in pink (!!!) and white (!!!!!!!!!) for example or better yet, the Citadelle being clawed  and climbed upon by Labadee(TM)  Labadie cruise line personnel.

 "La Citadelle Laferriere: Patrimoine or Playground?'

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