Oct 17: A real live debate on Twitter about Dessalines' legacy #Haiti

As I pondered ways of commemorating Dessalines' death yesterday October 17, I came across a lively debate on Twitter between Johnny MacCalla, Ilio Durandis (both guests of the Spotlight on Haiti pilot) and Etant Dupain. Check out the full exchange here: https://twitter.com/jmakala/status/258589788624547840

Here are some of the reflections by @jmakala that initially caught my attention:

To see the full context of the conversation between @jmakala (Jocelyn McCalla, former ED of National Coalition for Haitian Rights), @durandis (Ilio Durandis, columnist at Caribbean JournaL) and @gaetantguevara (Etant Dupain from Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye), click here: https://twitter.com/jmakala/status/258589788624547840. A real live debate on Twitter about Dessalines' legacy.

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