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From the blogs

Tande reviews the haitian-authored book Refonder Haiti?  (FR)

Caracas-based Balanced Melting Pot celebrates the holidays.

Ekspoze which I usually quote on politics, weighs in on controversial statements by Kreyòl La singer Ti-Joe Zenny. Also in music, www.culture509.com announces a duet between Haitian singer Jean Jean Roosevelt and Guadeloupean songstress Krysstal  as well as Oprah Winfrey's upcoming visit  to record a show (FR).

The Haiti Cultural Exchange blog offers accounts of the latest An n' Pale Café Conversation with Haiti-based author Evelyne Trouillot.

Rapadoo Observateur reports on growing solidarity with Haiti in Latin-American and other countries towards ending the UN military presence. 

The Haitian Queen provides updates on Trinidad & Tobago carnival 2012.

MNI Alive's list of Caribbean superfoods includes coconut and its oil, a multi-purpose health and nutrition elixir I have coincidentally been experimenting with.  Excellent skin and hair moisturizer, dental hygiene aid and cooking oil!

In the News

Haitian tourism minister at Miami arts festival and end to arms embargo. (Haiti Libre)

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