Market Research on Remittances - Please forward to Haitians/Haitian-Americans based in NY area

Message from Consortium for Haitian Empowerment:

We are recruiting Haitians/Haitian-Americans to take part in a focus group, which is an interactive group discussions where participants are free to talk  about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes toward money transfer and remittance in Haiti.

All interested people, reply to this email or call us by Tuesday August 23 (starting now) to obtain information and have a 5 minutes interview so we determine if you meet the participation criteria.  The first callers, are the first to be recruited.

Focus groups start Thursday August 25, 2011 and end on Saturday August 27.  You will be paid $75 for 2 hours for your participation.

Male participants are on either/or :
       * Thursday August 25 @ 6pm or
       * Saturday August 27 @ 1pm

Female participants are on either/or:
       * Friday August 26 @ 6pm; or
       * Saturday August 27 @ 6pm

 Please, pass this info to your network for us.

Thank you!

Consortium for Haitian Empowerment
625 Atlantic Ave, 3rd Floor, Mailbox #5
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 783-1598

PLEASE CONTACT: Dahana dorlouis@gmail.com

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