kiskeácity daily is out ! Editions of Monday, Aug. 1 and Tuesday, Aug. 02, 2011


Great article on last weekend's national conference on culture. 



Hurricane watch continues as Emily hits Martinique. Still uncertain whether and how it will hit Haiti.

Politics - Corruption scandal involving members of parliament's lucrative consulting contracts with Ministère de l'Intérieur. Martelly's tourism tour continues. Deputy Dionald Polyte's assassin turns out to be a prison escapee. Bellerive to testify in front of Justice and Security Commission.

From the Blogs - Blog Carel La Wi! posts a caricature of the deputies and senators who made extra $$$ consulting for one of the government's ministries.

Video - From yours truly,  a clip of Haiti Cultural Exchange E.D. Régine Michèle Roumain explaining what the New York-based organization is about. Clip number two is of Wyclef making a cameo appearance at Kassav's concert in NY last Saturday.

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