kiskeácity daily is out ! Edition of Sunday, Aug. 07, 2011


Haiti - Letter from ex-presidential candidate Dr. Bijou to Martelly with specific recommendations on education at the eve of the back to school season. (Does she see signs that Martelly will not be able to deliver on his promises on education?)

Caribbean -  All from www.mnialive.com: DeVry institute just purchased a medical school in the Caribbean. Scholarship fund for Caribbean filmmakers. Rihanna criticized by African-American blogs for her dancing at Bajan carnival. (Have they seen Beyoncé's  videos lately? Or even Rihanna's own morbid Disturbia video? Is it okay ONLY when heavily commodified? Puh-leeze. What about the fact that cropover and the dancing that goes along with it is a long-standing cultural tradition in her native Barbados, the point well made in www.mnialive.com's article?) 

From the blogs - Just added a haiti-based blog on culture www.culture509.com and a Haiti-based blog by a Haitian repatriate  Pale Avè'm... Talk to Me to my aggregator of Haitian blogs http://haitianbloggers.collected.info/. Two articles from www.culture509.com are posted in the newsletter, one on Azor and one on Clarens Fortuné, both of whom are Haitian cultural vectors who recently passed away. Funny article from Global Voices on a Zambian site.

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