Relief effort status update from Internews (#40) #Haiti

SHELTER – More than 160,000 pieces of plastic sheeting and more than 13,000 tents are on the way and should be here before the end of March. They will benefit thousands of families who are still looking for shelter ahead of the rainy season.

PRESIDENT – President Rene Preval is heading to Washington where he will meet with U.S. President Barack Obama as Congress will likely put pressure on lending institutions to forgive Haiti's debt and will consider measures that will help revive Haiti's economy.

FOOD – Two million people, or 300,000 families, in the next few weeks will receive food kits that include rice and beans, oil and other supplies. WFP has worked with the Haitian government, along with local authorities, to identify those most in need.

MAILBOX – Listeners asked about what they should do about a variety of subjects, including whether they should continue paying rent on a property that collapsed, and exams for students behind in school.

CAMP SAFETY – At several camps, our reporter found out that residents have organized themselves to provide security and other services. Before these "brigades", all kinds of crime, including rape and petty theft, took place all over the camp. That has stopped, according to camp residents, thanks to the action of the brigades.

CULTURE/MINISTER'S SONG - Culture and Communication Minister Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassague is well known for her activism on behalf of women in Haiti. Now she has written a song paying tribute to many activist women who died in the earthquake. Our reporter also talks with the musicians who are working with the Minister.

(A daily radio program for affected communities broadcast on 27 local radio stations and produced by Internews - Saturday, March 06, 2010 - For more information and to pass us messages for affected communities: Alona Cherkassky, Humanitarian Coordinator (info-er-haiti@internews.org - +509 348 59387)

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