Invited back on Haiti in Focus podcast

Having interviewed me 3 days after my arrival in Haiti (Episode 19) , Scott Hertzog of Haiti in Focus podcast wanted to catch upon my return from the trip 7 days later. The resulting podcast, recorded last weekend, was published in two segments. 

In the first segment (Episode 20) which was published two days ago, we discuss the red/zone green zone distinction, the usefulness of citizen media in a country where not everyone reads or writes, ways in which Haitian-Americans lingering on waitlists can be put to good use and much, much more. 

Player for Episode 20:

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The second segment  (Episode 21) was posted today and tackles shelter, bulldozing, how Haitians by and large served as first responders to the earthquake and the "Idaho 10". Enjoy! Your feedback is welcome.

Player for Episode 21:   


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