Kevin Powell wants your help in crafting his Caribbean policy

Kevin Powell happened to announce his run for Congressman of C.D. 10 where I live two blocks from my house at the FiveSpot last Sunday and I wanted to let you know that he is looking for your input on what his policy towards the Caribbean should be. Peppered with Spanish and Haitian Creole, his speech showed a desire to serve all interests and groups in the district and he specifically mentioned looking for perspectives on Haiti. So if you live in or around Congressional District 10 and have strong ideas about what his Caribbean policy should be, make sure to send him an email, call or go see him.

Just so you know, he is running for the Congressional seat that Ed Towns has now held for about 26 years! It'll be interesting to see if he is indeed able to unseat him but he hopes to try by energizing more voters than just the 2% who traditionally vote in congressional elections in the district. In the primary in New York, he endorsed Barack Obama while Ed Towns endorsed Hillary Clinton.
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