• Languichatte, the late Haitian comedian and father of Lolo and Daniel Beaubrun of Boukman Eksperyans. See the Facebook page dedicated to him, complete with the Haitian TV show's theme song! A treat full of memories of Friday evening laughter. 1,037 nostalgic fans have joined it. I found this joke and this slideshow on youtube. They're in Creole and hopefully someone can translate some to English on DotSUB.

  • Aimé Césaire, the late Martiniquan poet and politician. Memories of bloggers from the world over are summarized on this blog post by Jen Bréa at Global Voices. Césaire was one of the theoreticians of the Negritude movement. He passed away last week. He penned La Tragédie du Roi Christophe, a play about an early Haitian statesman.

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