What Exactly is a Blog Again? (Video)

This video, Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us ties in nicely with some of the debates at/about WeMedia this year, especially the point that "we are the media." Made by Michael Wesch, an anthropology professor at Kansas State University it also answers the questions "What is a blog?", "What is xml?"and "What is web 2.0?" by charting the code developments that made blogs possible. Oh and did I mention it was just plain fun, exciting and empowering? (For those of you reading from blog readers or from email, you'll have to come to the site to view the video.)

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Geoffrey Philp said...

Love it!
Got me thinking about many things.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting video. It says a lot in a very short time and is to the point.
But after all what is web 2.0?
I think a great way to find out (really detailed) is to read Tim O'Reilly take one it
and I quote Michael Markman
"I love this video. There's much to learn here, both about Web 2.0 and using motion graphics to tell a story."
Alice also I should mention for that Google Reader does allow Flash and Widgets viewing from post.
Great Find.

Alice B. said...

thanks marvin, thanks geoffrey.