Vagina Monologues in Creole

The Vagina Monologues in Creole should be coming to Brooklyn soon. Finally! Several versions have emerged in the last two years, though none in Brooklyn that I know of. (That's right, Miami got one before we did. And of course several took place in Haiti.) For those of us who want to bring non Creole-speaking friends, hopefully the show will not have them asleep of incomprehension. We'll see. (It's promising that not all the actresses are Haitian, Linda Powell being a good example.) Oh and I've seen the names of both Eve Ensler the original author and award-winning author Edwidge Danticat on different versions of the program.

Update 2/18: It looks like Eve Ensler's participation is not a rumor.

More on the show:

Additional V-Day performance live in Haiti, April 3, 2007.

MASTER OF CEREMONY: Rosemonde Pierre Louis, Manhattan Deputy Borough President.

PERFORMANCES: Emeline Michel (VIP Champagne Reception Only @ 6:30PM) Adia Whitaker and Ase Dance Theatre Collective; Nadia Dieudonne and Feets of Rhythm Dance Co. and Goosy Celestin.

ACTORS: Edwidge Danticat; Jocelyne Gay; Berlotte Israel; Linda Powell; Michele Marcelin; Malie Hall; Carmen De Lavallade

FOR INFO: Dwa Fanm Website OR V-Day website.


Anonymous said...

I like that monologue.
By the original, a friend of mine began to call me "bob"...
There was where began the theory of the "lesbian man".

Alice B. said...


Paris David said...

I love Edwidge Danticat's writings.

Yeah, I bet she'd be good in this play.

Alice B. said...

Welcome, Paula.