Split Hairs, Not Votes, in the Epicenter

The New York City Council campaign of Dr. Mathieu Eugene: Taking care not to split the Haitian vote in Brooklyn's 40th council district.The committee that took care of choosing just one Haitian candidate is new and managed to induce one of two Haitian candidates to drop out (!). Will this result in an actual seat?

To stay with the topic of elections, Pelerin 89 (a.k.a Dr. Ferentz Lafargue) explains why he is running for President of the Caribbean despite not actually living in it. Why of course, it's because Brooklyn is the epicenter of the Caribbean, silly. While over there, find out also why he wants to export the Metrocard to the beloved archipelago.

Last but not least, I've added a new section called "Comment Bloguer" to the blogroll for those who want to read blogs about how to blog in French. You can only view the blogroll from the home page, on the lower right of the page.

Photo by dbeery.

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