More Carnaval (Jacmel Mas Videos)

Today is Carnaval Day 1.

Check out this wonderful podcast by Public International Radio which samples previews of rootsy Haitian carnival songs! Offers gossip on Sweet Mickey's fake retirement of last year (he is back this year anyway) and lots of well curated tidbits on Haitian culture and musical genres.

Also, more video. This time, excerpts of two band a pye i.e "mas" from January pre-carnival festivities in Jacmel. (Again, email and blog reader viewers, please come to the site.)

Watch Port-au-Prince Carnival live at sakapfet.com.

Update 2/19: You can also watch the carnival live at http://www.belradio.com/.

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Anonymous said...

I've been trying unsucessfully to watch the Kanaval on Sakapfet. I keep getting a message that the link I followed maybe outdated or inacurrate.
Do you know if any one else is having that problem

Alice B. said...

hey anon,
check out the following sites which is also showing the carnival live: