Hyphenate This! Councilman Eugene & the Jamaican-Haitian Connection

Yvette (and her mother Una) Clarke saw Mathieu Eugene to victory in the special 40th Council District election in Brooklyn. (The seat was vacated by Yvette Clarke when she was elected to Congress.)

Interesting quote by Una Clarke (who was forced out of city politics by term limits) in
this Flatbush Courier article:
“Caribbean-Americans want to chart our own destiny. I think it is the immigrant dream and the immigrant experience that as soon as communities become mature enough, they take on responsibility for themselves.”

And then by Congresswoman (Yvette) Clarke:
“To the community, I want you to feel empowered today. In just four months, you sent a daughter from Jamaica to Congress and a son from Haiti to the New York City Council. We have come of age not only socially, not only economically, but politically. And, as we take our seats at the table, no one will be left behind.”

Sounds like the Congresswoman is looking ahead to future congressional elections by courting the Haitian-American vote.

Full Flatbush Courier article.

Photo: Caribbean flags for sale at Dance Africa 2006 in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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Unknown said...

congratulation to the whole community!