Posts I Should've Done in 2006 But Didn't

Tom Terrell Benefit

A wonderful event happened in September. Tom Terrell, a music impresario and long time Fort Greene resident, has had cancer and friends organized a benefit to help with medical bills. It was a great evening with great acts from Fort Greene and all over, including M'shell Ndegeocello who unfortunately was in something of a bad mood and chose to play but not sing. The show was great fun though.

Here are my Tom Terrell benefit pictures.

Dwa Fanm Benefit/Screening

In October, I went to an event held by Dwa Fanm, a Haitian-American anti-domestic violence advocacy NGO. They showed a documentary which had more to do with the African-American experience than the Haitian one but which was still relevant enough I guess. Then there was a discussion of rape in Haiti in which an American woman asylum lawyer pleaded for help from Myriam Merlet, Chief of Staff of the Haitian Ministry for Women; the lawyer wanted evidence that the Haitian government was either not doing enough against rape or incapable, for lack of ressources, of doing more. Ms. Merlet kept on answering that very few governments would accept to tarnish their own image in this way and that the woman's request was unacceptable. Some in the audience felt that some of the latest talk about rape being on the rise is a way by a former government to tarnish the current government's image. Interesting but ill-attended discussion.

Here are my Dwa Fanm Benefit pictures.

Bollywood @ Smooch

My favorite Fort Greene Cafe, Smooch, threw a Bollywood-themed party in October. The party was hosted by Amit, a Bollywood-based actor who was visiting New York for a couple of weeks. See the fun times for yourself. (Bollywood @ Smooch pictures.)

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suomynona said...

While it's possible that she may have been in a bad mood, I'm guessing she had agreed to play bass only and let the singers sing. Also, she has epilepsy and when people use flash photography, it tends to (at best) make her ill or (at worst) send her to the hospital with seizures. Her turning her back on the crowd, wearing sunglasses, not looking up, etc would've had more to do with the epilepsy than anything else.

Alice B. said...

Thanks for that insight, suomynona. Great site.

Anonymous said...

Il n'est jamais trop tard pour bien faire.

Alice B. said...

en effet :-)