New Haitian Blogs

I'm adding some new Haitian blogs to the Caribbean blogroll (see bottom right of home page) and I thought I'd let you know:
  • Karlito's blog a.k.a http://ayitireseau.com/blog/ -- seems to be a blog about the haitian konpa scene. The latest post is about the abduction of Fabiola Dupoux, a well known haitian konpa band manager and former middle and high school classmate of mine. Apparently this happened last nite. Yikes!
  • Techie Sebastien Barreau. Not sure whether or not he is Haiti-based.
  • Adorable Emmanuelle Elie who named her blog after herself. Self-described yogurt-loving model and high school student in Haiti. Blogs in english entirely so is probably attending an American school. Has this lovely post about a convo between her and her mom about love. Her mom tells her something my aunt once told me too, that our generation does not believe in love. (If teen-aged Emmanuelle and 30-something me are indeed of the same generation. Ha!)
  • Emmanuelle's blog is big news because haiti-based blogs have been few and far between so if it takes her age group to propel things forward, more power! In any event all the above guys seem interlinked and may be the future of the type of network apparently needed to form coherent, active blogospheres. To be continued...
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Anonymous said...

You should check out this blog. It's by a woman blogger in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Nice list.
Emma's blog really is great.
She is part of a blogroll for all haitian blogs that I am starting.
I will email you a list of the upcomming ones soon.
Check out

Alice B. said...

thanks all for your suggestions! will definitely add the suggested blogs to my blogroll. and marvin, apologies. i took the blogs from yoru blogroll but forgot to mention yours. i'll add an update soon. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alice.
I have been reading your blog, impressive.
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Thank you ( i'm smiling like an idiot) i actually speak french creole spanish and english but it's easier to write in a universal language never knowing what my readers speak. But i suppose je devrais quand meme ecrire en francais ou meme en creole. But thank you :) Oh and, well my mom is 30-ish i'm still 16-ish

Anonymous said...

Je crois avoir détecté votre passage sur le blog ayitisoupye...
Il s'agit d'un effort pour donner une voix unique à un ensemble d'associations ayant leurs sièges dans le sud de la france, qui oeuvrent d'une façon ou d'une autre en faveur d'une des multiples problématiques haitiennes.
Nous voulons juste vous remercier de votre visite et nous vous invitons à le faire le plus souvent possible.