A Lesson in Branding from Madagascar

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the government of Madagascar, an island country of about 19 million off the east coast of African, succesfully took up a branding campaign for its country in the past few years, according to blogger Aiky at Madagascar Croissance:

Depuis que quelques hautes personnalités ont persécuté les photographes et cameraman qui ne filmaient que la misère et la décadnce du pays, il était devenu à la mode de filmer les jolis paysages : les tsingy, la plage, la mer , ...
[Translation:] Since certain high profile individuals have taken to harassing photographers and cameramen who were filming nothing but the misery and decadence of the country, it has become fashionale to film nice landscapes: "tsingies", beaches, ocean ...
Haiti could use some of that, I think. Not sure that our officials, in their usual fatalistic outlook, care or even know that this type of campaign is possible. But obviously it is. Madagascar was able to manage this without being a first world country.

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