Hoopla about Dessalines' Death

Well first, on the occasion of the 200 anniversary of the death of a founding father of the Haitian 'nation', lots of commemoration going on of course. But mostly some minor (relatively comical) controversy as Haiti-based blogger Yon Ayisyen explains. Namely, some want the Haitian government to open an investigation into the circumstances of his death??? Others feel we shouldn't celebrate his death. I don't really feel particularly strongly about that last tidbit but I do find interesting that what we celebrate is the ambush that led to his death. Kind of (consciously or unconsciously) symbolic of the gazillion ambushes and plots and coups that have ensued in our ridiculously testosterone-filled history, isn't it?

But to go back to the investigation, is that really a priority at a time when a recent NGO report states that eating and drinking is a luxury for most Haitians??? (I hope my historian friends won't hate me for asking this.)

(Above links were originally in French which is why I'm linking to my translations made for GV on the topic. The translations contain links to the original posts.)


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merci. je regarderai et vous ecrirai.