Haiti Video Game+ A Father's House+ West Indian Parade

Ayiti Cost of Life Socially Conscious Video Game
My Father's House
  • While you're at Gary (aka ebogjohnson.com)'s blog, notice this slideshow of his father's house before it sold in 2003. (The blog post about the slideshow is here.) All well and good, you're thinking. Yes, except if you also read this other post of his months ago where he explained a thing or two about his father's philosophy on economy, aesthetics, throwing things away (or not) and fixing things endlessly. (This set of habits should sound familiar to some of those hailing from Western Hispaniola --okay fancy way of saying Haiti--or places like it. It does to me. Ha!)
New York West Indian Day Parade
  • Yes I attended, yes I have footage. No the footage is not ready to post because I plan to use it as an exercise in learning to use YouTube. Yes, there are other sites you can visit that have lots and lots of pictures, namely this page at sakapfet.com.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I think the feeling some folks have that games are inappropriate for certain subject matter has to do with a feeling that games are low culture. Would you say that one shouldn't make a movie about Darfur or write a novel about it? Games are young medium, but they have the same possibility to transform people's ideas about the world as older mediums like film. There are beautiful comic books by Joe Sacco about Bosnia and the Palestinian conflict. Maus is a great comic about the Holocaust. Would folks say that those things shouldn't exist either?

Alice B. said...

i hear you. i've been relatively neutral on the issue personally. what you say makes lots of sense for sure.