The Future of Development + Kanak Podcast + Haitian Brooklyn Bishop

The Unexpected Places Change Will Come From

  • These two articles, one from a blog, the other from an online academic publication are essentially saying similar things. That multinational corporations will by virtue of seeking more consumers and profits, have to invest in third world markets and talent and foster development. Not sure if this is wishful thinking or fact but it's still an interesting, unusual perspective.
Great Podcast coming out of New Caledonia
  • For those who understand French, check out this podcast/guided tour of their village given to New Caledonia-based Sebastien Merion by two women from the local Ouipin tribe. Sebastien is a graphic designer too so his visuals are always fun.
NCHR email about Haitian-American Bishop
  • Here is an excerpt from a National Coalition for Haitian Rights email I received today:
The Most Reverend Guy Sansaricq will be ordained tomorrow August 22, 2006 as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

This is a historic and felicitous occasion for Our Church and community. His appointment marks the First Haitian-American Bishop nomination to the US Catholic Church and the First Black Bishop to serve in the Diocese of Brooklyn. His nomination is an acknowledgement by the Church to serve the ever increasing needs of the diversity in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Reverend Sansaricq is also on the board of NCHR and a gala is being organized to celebrate his promotion this Friday.

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