Digicel in Trinidad, Jamaica Homophobia Debate

Digicel in Trinidad
  • It's almost shocking how the opening of the Telecom market in T&T generated a set of events that closely parallels the opening of the market in Haiti: local competitors attempting to clean up their act and lowering prices, improved service, interconnection battles. Listen for yourself in this Trini podcast from the T&T Computer Society. (See podcast #10.)
Homophobia in Jamaica Debate
  • Nyasha Laing from the Global Parish disagrees with a friend about the extent and danger of the current configuration of homophobia in Jamaica. It all started with a MSM article, a response by an acquaintance of Nyasha's and Nyasha's rebuttal.

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Frank Partisan said...

Interesting post, particularly about homophobia in Jamaica.

Hao Wu is free, after 5 months in prison, in China.

I'm producing for The Fringe Festival in Minnesota, a show, with Venezuelan folkloric dancers. I'm also promoting aa Argentine tango festival here.

Frank Partisan said...

Miss you.

Frank Partisan said...

See my new dinner party game.