Six Degrees of Caribbean Bloggers, Rasta, Polygamy and more

Six Degrees of Brooklyn Caribbean Blogger Separation (or is that Closeness?)
  • I bumped into fellow Brooklyn-based Haitian blogger Ferentz Lafargue accidentally at a Brooklyn Cafe last Sunday, now look what he started... Faithful to his Yale PhD education, he calls it "Deconstructing the Ubiquitous Image of a Haitian Brooklyn Blogger". Hmm... You should read the whole thing but his conclusion should clue you in on just how many twists, turns, cousins, bloggers, people and "accidents" are involved:
    So, I don't know if you call this six degrees of separation, a small world, kiskeyAcity, the global parish, the homelands, or as Yemi has declared: "deconstructing the ubiquitous image of a haitian brooklyn blogger," to me it's just another day on the nightshift.

Sharon Marley on Rastafari and Polygamy

  • Judging from a recent interview by the Jamaica observer with Sharon Marley (Bob's oldest daughter), it looks like Generation X women (or maybe just Sharon) in the Marley clan are not too thrilled with some of the gender-related implications of Rastafari. Here is a juicy excerpt:
    Sharon is also unhappy about how Rastafarian women are treated by their men. "I don't like the burden put on some Rasta women. They don't want them to look good, to wear certain things and wear makeup."
    She is somewhat conservative on the question of polygamy, which is practised by many Rastafarian men. "That has been around for many years. I can't change that. My mother didn't fight with any of the mothers of my father's children. But now that my brothers are having children with different women, some of them are not getting along with each other."
  • Surprise, surprise...
African-American Blog Picks
  • Was Malcolm X Gay? asks Temple University Prof. Marc Lamont Hill. The answer, although well thought out and reasoned is just as surprising as the question.

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Rich Louis said...

if i hadn't read FL's blog today i would not have known of your existence. lol
what is up?

Alice B. said...

Hi Rich, I posted on Eclectic a couple months ago to let you know I existed... Good to meet you.

Rich Louis said...

i was in the midst of grad school last semester. that's my excuse and i will stick by it. lol

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fnuI put you on my blog roll and x-ref this post


Ann Þ

Alice B. said...

thanks ann.