We Media: Tomorrow's a Better Day

Okay it looks like critiques abound about WeMedia 2006's day one. Those Global Voices Regional Editors in attendance in London have not been thrilled with the level of discussion at the conference. (Apparently the played out blogger v. journalist polemic got too much airplay.) Meanwhile those --like me-- who tried to "web-attend" were not thrilled with the lack of an audio feed and the low videocast quality not to mention the non-working live chat.

Tomorrow is more promising as Reuters takes over from the BBC and promises today's missing elements. Also, tomorrow is more interesting as Global Voices will be center stage and regional panels take place. Here again though the problem is that the Americas have been omitted as I mentioned two days ago. (God knows we could use a discussion on the ridiculous Christiane Amanpour-style coverage Haiti keeps getting in the mainstream media making for poor representation of a complex Haitian reality.) Anyway, if you want, meet me at the live chat for the We Media Africa session tomorrow at 9:45 am NY time.

How to access the conference online: all the links you need should be here and here.

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