A Sunday Chock Full of (Caribbean) Festivals in Brooklyn, NY

Dance Africa 2006

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Every Memorial Day weekend, the Brooklyn Academy of Music holds Dance Africa, a three day festival part African Dance show, part street fair. Since I live a 10 minute walk away from BAM, I went over and took some shots that I thought I'd share with you.

Haitian Day Parade 2006

Haitian Day Parade 2006

This is a newbie, I think. My friend over at Nightshift Chronicles was kind enough to put up a reminder that scheduled the event for 1PM. However, when I arrived around 3PM (having first made the stop at Dance Africa), things had ended. The only remnants of the parade were these signs found all along the parade route from the corner of Nostrand and Empire to that of Nostrand and Foster. And they say the parade was at 11:00 AM! Someway, somehow the times got jumbled. But a rara (a kind of mas) was playing at a little playground at Nostrand and Foster and I brought back these shots.

That's the West Atlantic Cosmos, for you, baby. Brooklyn NY, one of the hearts of the Caribbean, is for sure the most pan-caribbean of cities.

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