New Blog, Brain Drain and More Mangos

New Haitian Diaspora Blog CollectifHaitideProvence
  • See the profile I wrote of them on GV here.
More Mango Talk: Haiti Among 10 Highest Producers of Mangos
  • The article is from AlterPresse (Fr). I have a summary translation of it here. Basically, a study reveals that 20% of the mangos consumed in the DR come from Haiti. The article explains why Haiti needs to fight to maintain its global position in this industry. Apparently, worldwide consumers of mangos are quite demanding. Not that I blame them. I love mangos myself and although I consume loads of the Haitian kind sold here (Mango "Fransik", I believe) I often "cheat" with the yummy firmer red-skinned ones from Mexico. Sigh.
Francis Wade on The Missing Generation
  • Superlative blogpost by Francis Wade (who brought us scents and flavors of mango season in Jamaica yesterday) on the pluses and minuses of returning home for the brains drained from the Caribbean. He concludes that middle-class Jamaicans who stayed behind did not necessarily do all that badly, especially when it came to raising and educating children, for example. (I think I know what he's talking about: I and my siblings who were raised in Haiti until college did just as well --and this may be an understatement--as our cousins raised here when it came to pursuing higher education degrees.)

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