Webulous Upcoming Web events

Two promising media-related web events are coming up:

  • One is the We Media conference taking place next week May 3 and 4. The bad news is that it's in London. The good news is that it'll be webcast. What exactly WeMedia is, I don't really know. *But* it's a conference that brings together bloggers and journalists which has to be at least somewhat good. We know that bloggers have a long way to go but we also know that mainstream media is far from perfect and leaves lots of holes in conveying how people live in the rest of the world. I'm planning on web-attending the session on Africa (9:45 am NY time on May 4). A once-over of the program did not reveal much on the Americas.
  • About We Media
  • We Media Program (Times are London Time.)
  • Place to watch Live Video Feeds during the Conference. There's audio too for those who'll be at work.
  • Recent RConversation critique of We Media.
  • I've been mentioning Global Voices a lot and you may or may not be curious about the people behind it. Tomorrow (Friday April 28th) one of the co-founders of GV, Ethan Zuckerman is going to be interviewed by Wikipedia. Not only can you listen in but also can you post questions in advance. This wiki contains a profile of Ethan, the IRC channel to join, all his links and a list of the already posted questions. Topics so far include the digital divide (a huge Haiti issue), globophilia (a problematic double-entendre if there ever was one) and Africa among others.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alice. I would only listen as i'll be working at the time.

Frank Partisan said...

I met many bloggers at Global Voices, including you.

I would just pick a country to look up bloggers, then explore.