Haiti and the World Roundup

Here are some stories that have caught my attention lately:

  • Dumas Simeus, the Haitian-American, did not qualify to run for office in the recent election but he is organizing a summit of the Haitian Diaspora in Port-au-Prince. That's what this Radio Kiskeya story says (FR). The forum is being organized right as a National Commission is getting ready to exclude other haitians who have taken up other nationalities from running in the future, says Radio Kiskeya. It is being organized by Dr. Serge Parisien who was a campaign aide to Simeus. Topics they plan to tackle include the Constitution, voting rights and parliamentary representation for diaspora Haitians. Now the recently elected president said he supported double-nationality while campaigning. Was that just a campaign promise? And what will his involvement be with that commission that plans to prevent diaspora haitians from running in the future?

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Frank Partisan said...

Interesting post. What do you think the role of the diaspora is?

I guess I don't know what KiskeyAcity means. I named my blog Renegade Eye because the good names were all taken.

Alice B. said...

The diaspora is sending about a billion dollars in remittances a year which affect the livelihood of a lot of haitians. It is constantly rethinking what its role should be beyond that.

Alice B. said...

kiskeya= name native arawaks gave the island now called hispaniola which encompasses Haiti and the DR

kiskeyAcity=state of being from that island (and the ones surrounding it) while also inhabiting and being from the big *city* (whether paris, new york, boston or wherever)