Incredible Vegas


Vegas! (Paris Hotel. Jan 2006)


Vegas! (Chinese New Year at Hotel Bellagio. Jan 2006.)

Connection to the Caribbean? None. Found out about the Tropicana and Treasure Island too late to be able to visit. Maybe next time?

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Frank Partisan said...

I liked Vegas when the gangsters ran it. It had more soul.

I heard there are people who live there, and are not on the Strip, or work in the gaming industry.

I found a blog post you might find interesting.


Again regards.

Alice B. said...

Funny you mention soul. I found it hilarious that the Paris Hotel had these picture perfect renditions of Paris streets but no french food in its replica of the cafes! I can eat better French food right here in the Big Apple! That was hilarious!

I did like what I saw though. Kind of surreal. I have pictures of the Venitian hotel somewhere.

Frank Partisan said...

I expect you to come home broke.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing I hate more that when they rip off other peoples land marks, culture and anything else just to make themselves less boring