NYC Transit Workers Strike

  • Hi all, you haven't heard from me that much because I am unable to access Blogger from home in the evening which is when I have time to post.
  • I thought I'd say hi and tell all of those who have contacted me that I am, like all New Yorkers, surviving the strike. We are now on Day 3 and I have devised all sorts of strategies to get to work.
  • The morning is usually easy because there is a rule that cars need 4 passengers to cross bridges into the city. So I get offered rides in in the morning but usually it is much more of a hardship to get home because the rule does not apply in the evening. (Go figure.) So it usually takes me 3 hours to get home.
  • Anyway, I am trying to get to the bottom of the problem with accessing Blogger from home and hopefully I can post about the Journal of Haitian Studies' latest issue as I have wanted to since Sunday.
  • Of course, I'm so tired at night from the strike commuting that that has been a hindrance too.
  • But it looks like the strike is coming to an end today. Ciao.


Craig Bardo said...

Merry Christmas! Blessings in the coming year!

Alice B. said...

Thank you, CB.