kiskeyAcity interviewed by Global Voices Online

On Friday, while still digesting my Turkey Day meal, I chatted with Georgia Popplewell of Caribbean Free Radio over at Global Voices Online on the state of the Haitian blogosphere, Haitian punditry, literacy in Haiti, the Haitian internet presence and whatever else she felt like asking...

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Frank Partisan said...

I use Global Voices often to find interesting blogs.

In the USA, the major media, only deals for any amount of time, with American concerns. Most Americans know or care about the rest of the world.

Ndesanjo Macha said...

I enjoyed the conversation and also for coming across your blog. Peace!

Alice B. said...

Hi Renegade and Ndesanjo,

Welcome! (Welcome back that is, for Renegade.) Great blog, Ndesanjo. Glad you liked the chat!