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Candidates and real problems

I'm sure those of us who hail from the Perle des Antilles do not need a fancy report with an international logo to confirm what we have known forever about Haitian customs. But just to rub salt in the wound and to remind us of some of our self-imposed barriers on exports, the World Bank/IFC has officially ranked us last in regional customs efficiency. (If it's any consolation, The DR is right above us.)

I hope those of us who are being invited to fancy campaign fundraisers that cost $150 a pop will make sure to ask those seeking the coveted presidential chair what their plans are to clean up La Douane.

Cuba anba dlo

MadBull has some breathtaking pictures of Cuba under water. A city that looks like this under water has got to be breathtaking dry. Just scroll down to the power point slide show and enjoy or ignore the bathing suit shots of Miss Jamaica, depending on your politics. (If it helps your assessment of Mad Bull's motivation for posting them, she does go to vet school in Cuba. LOL.)

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mbayisyen said...

It doesn't warm my heart to see that the DR is right above us. Their economy being in a much better shape than ours, they should have taken care of that customs issue long time ago.
To go back to Haitian customs, they are a nuisance and a sure way to become rich if employed there.

Alice B. said...

Hey MBA,
They really are an embarassment. I know so many people who had to pay thousands of dollars in bribes to get things through that black hole.