Legacy of 1804 | Meet Those who Protested Hillary at Medgar #LOF1804

This Friday at 9PM,  join co-host Hugues Girard  and I as we play interviews of protestors of Hillary Clinton as commencement speaker for Medgar Evars College's graduating class last Thursday June 8th.

Among those interviewed are life long activist Fritzner Pierre of Komokoda, Haitian-American Gem Isaac of Bronxites for NYPD Accountability, Haitian-American Yole César and Dwayne Neckles of the United Africa Movement. 

Hugues also offers a (short) rundown of the spate of labor union strikes in Haiti that have caused certain factories to shut down.

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As you'll see below we discussed the protests and reactions by its attendants in conjunction with the labor strike going on right now in Haiti.

Fritzner Pierre of Komokoda gave us the longest interview, strong that he is of having been a labor activist in Haiti since the days of Magloire. We also talked to Haitian-American Gem Isaac of Bronxites for NYPD Accountability, Haitian-American Yole César and Dwayne Neckles of the United Africa Movement who discussed how his perception of Haitians and Haiti changed after discovering this show and other historical facts about Haiti during his activism in the last two years.

00-15:00 -- Hugues Girard rundown of ongoing factory worker strikes in Haiti

15:00 - 53:00 --  Interview of Fritzner Pierre from Komokoda and reaction by Hugues Girard

53:00 - 63:00 -- Interview of Gem Isaac from Bronxites for Police Accountability and reaction by Hugues Girard

63:00- 65:35  -- Hugues Girard on teacher strikes in Haiti 

65:35 - 70:00  -- Musical Break: Legba Blues, Paul Beaubrun 

70:00 - 81:25  --  Interview with Dwayne Neckles of United African Movement and reaction

81:25- 94:00 -- Telesur English Article on three weeks of worker strikes in Haiti 

94:00 to End -- Interview with Yole César and Outro

Articles that have appeared in the press since the protest :
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Stand Up for Your Identity, Hillary Clinton Tells Graduates in Brooklyn [See last third on Komokoda protest]

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