Hillary Clinton is not a good role model for Haitian college graduates (Petition)

Tell Medgar Evers College President Rudy Crew: No Commencement Speech! No Honorary Doctorate For Hillary Clinton!

I signed this petition today because Hillary Clinton is no role model to Haitian, Caribbean or Black youth. Unless we want to teach them that it is acceptable to lock up a whole generation of black youth for nonviolent offenses, to steal elections and promote "regime change" all over the world (Haiti, Honduras, Lybia), to prevent a 30 cent an hour minimum wage hike for Haitian female textile workers -- some of the most vulnerable women in the Americas, and to have contractors "pay to play" for public and earthquake recovery funds. Some may have voted for her under the delusion that she was a "lesser evil" but now that the election is over we can be honest with ourselves and come to terms with the fact that Hillary Clinton's legacy has been one of plunder and greed whether in Haiti, the US, Honduras or the world. There is nothing "resistant" or pro-woman about this corporate neoliberal foot soldier.

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Why this is important

Rudy Crew, the President of Medgar Evers College plans to have Hillary Clinton deliver the Commencement Speech at the school's June 8th 2017 graduation ceremony at Brooklyn's Barclays Center and to give her an Honorary Doctorate despite her deplorable record towards the Black Community at home and abroad. Hillary said that Black Youth are "super predators with no conscience, no empathy and they must be brought to heel." As U.S. Secretary of State she supported coups and assassination of foreign leaders. While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State,  The Clintons along with their Clinton Foundation encouraged contractors to engage in "pay to play" for Haiti reconstruction contracts, as suggested by leaked emails.

Say No To The Clintons Exploiting The Black Community, Haiti and Haitians.

Please sign this petition and then call Rudy Crew at 
718‐270‐5000 and CUNY Chancellor James Milliken at 
646‐664‐9100 to tell them that our community will not allow this desecration of our children's graduation and of Medgar Evers' legacy. If Hillary comes we will protest both outside and inside. 

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